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Baby showers, kitchen teas & gender reveals has become a huge part of today’s popular culture. There are various themes & colors available in every & all kinds of decorations for each event. I mean who doesn’t want to host a stylish, trendy, modern & beautiful baby shower, & make the Mom - to - be the happiest lady in the room? 
Thats exactly what we want to do! So we have designed & created the perfect Baby shower game box, which includes 6 different games & activities to ensure your guests are entertained the whole day!
Baby showers should be fun, memorable & unique to each mommy! With this new baby shower game box set, there is one less thing to think of for the day’s preparations & a guarantee that everyone will enjoy it.
This game box has it all! It will ad to your already amazing baby shower & create  fun & memorable moments for all! The box includes 4 different trendy games, advice cards & a diaper raffle, suitable for up to 30 guests. What makes this game box even more  unique is that you can use it as a keepsake box after your special day to treasure all the memories, letters & gift cards you received. 
Proudly Designed & hand made in Sunny South Africa!
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Tips for planning & hosting a stress free beautiful baby shower
Baby showers are a wonderful time to honor the mom-to-be and celebrate the blessing of a new baby. It can be a stressful process, always worrying if you have covered it all & if you did enough. If you are planning a baby shower in the near future, here are a few tips & tricks to make the process a bit easier & ensure a amazing final result!
1. Recruit some soldiers
If you were thinking of planning & throwing this shower by yourself, please reconsider. Ask someone for help & delegate tasks regarding the planning, prep & execution of the shower. It will make things run smoothly & definitely more relaxed for you, knowing there is another pair of hands.
2. Pick a theme
That is where we come in, to save the day. Seeing as you are hosting the shower, you probably know the mom - to - be very well. If not, do some research to find out what the mom - to - be likes, colour wise & regarding  decorations. Although you are planning the shower, you still need to consider the mom - to - be’s input and her needs & wants. I always say to choose a theme or colour that can be used or fits into the baby’s nursery afterwords as a memory of the day & then contributes to the decor of the room. Once you have decided on a theme, you can go ahead and decide on the invites  - https://lilyyoung.com/collections/all-baby-showers
3. Timing
Choosing the right time is very important. As it needs to suit the mom- to - be and her guests. Some people might bring their little ones, so having a late shower is not ideal, because it will interfere with nap time. Also remember to give yourself enough time to run through the whole program planned for the day and not to be rushed. I have found that 10 or 11 am is always a good time.
4. Plan your foodies
Who doesn’t love a brunch? It always hits the spot. I would suggest to do finger foods served on platters, so the guests can dish up there favorites or something of everything. It is also easier, as you do not need cutlery or to set up for sit down meal. It is more engaging & interactive, as guests can move around and still chat, having a small side plate & serviette. (easy to handle) Some foodies I can suggest is, fruit kebabs, danishes, croissants with cream cheese, yogurt bowls, small sausages, chicken pies & egg dishes, think cocktail brunch! Also keep in mind that some guests may have allergies, so have a few allergy friendly options, like, gluten free, dairy free or vegan. These foodies should be prepped the day before, ready for the morning. Then of course later the day, with coffee & tea, something sweet is a must. Depending on what your mom- to - be likes, have some chocolate treats, or pie slices, milktart or even koek sisters, nothing to big, just enough to fill the gap & end things off on a sweet note!
5. Decorations
You already have colors, a theme & idea of the vibe you want to create. Get some nice decorations, nothing over the top, just enough to set the tone of the day. A welcome sign is always a nice touch at the entrance & some other cute signs around the shower. Bunting is a must & then ofcouse details like, popcorn boxes, snack bowls, cake toppers, cupcake wrappers & toppers, straws & if you are up for it, a beautiful balloon arch, can change the whole setting. It really depends what you need & what foods you are serving. However, whether you go big on decor or if you keep it simple, make sure it goes well with the rest of the vibe, from the invite to the food & the venue.
6. Baby shower games
Keep the games simple & enjoyable. It shouldn’t be a hassle or issue to set up & more importantly, it should make your guests want to join in. Usually a few card games & activities, makes for a fun few hours & brings some laughs to the table. If you are still wondering what games to play on the day, look no further, we have created a awesome baby shower game box, with 6 different games & activities. It includes, "Would she rather" cards A5 size x 30, "Mom or Dad" cards A5 size x30, "What's on your phone" cards A5 size x30, "Baby Bingo" cards A5 x30, Advice Cards A6 size x30, Diaper Raffle A7 size x30, Keepsake Box x1.
7. Keep the Mom- to - be up to date
It is really important to be on the same page as the mom - to - be. Make sure you have the same vision & expectations of the day. I am not saying to spoil all the surprises, however it is important to keep communicating about the vital parts of the day. How many games she wants, foodies & who is invited. Some moms do not care much, the are easy going & whatever you spring on them they are happy, however, some might not operate like that, so make sure which it is & be open & honest about the planning, also if she requested something, but it is not possible, be transparent & tell her.
All in al, your main goal is to make sure the Mom - to - be is happy!
I hope these few tips helps you to plan & host an awesome baby shower. Please have a look on our website for inspiration on theme ideas, invites & decorations. At least then you can tick off 3 of the 7 tips we discussed.
Greenery Baby shower, baby shower decorations, baby shower ideas  Greenery Baby shower, baby shower decorations, baby shower ideas  Greenery Baby shower, baby shower decorations, baby shower ideas  Greenery Baby shower, baby shower decorations, baby shower ideas
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